Vacant Building Protection | Void / Empty Property Alarm

Vacant Building Protection | Void / Empty Property Alarm

Often when a building is left unoccupied for any length void property alarmof time, the services are disconnected. This presents a problem when it comes to the security of the site because most conventional intruder alarms require a permanent connection to mains electricity.
Our system, the Site-Guard alarm solves this problem. The Site-Guard is a true 100% wireless intruder alarm, it requires no mains electricity, no telephone line and all sensors, sounders and keypads are wireless.
The system is set/unset with a remote control (key fob) or keypad just like your home alarm system so you will find it very easy to operate.

GSM Communication | 24hr monitoring
The Site-Guard system is linked to our alarm receiving centre via the GSM (mobile phone) network where it is monitored 24hrs a day 365 days a year. In the event of an alarm the operators will immediately call your key holders or guarding company. The system can also call or text your key holders directly.

No False alarms | Sequential & Audio Confirmation
We can configure our system to send confirmation signals to our alarm receiving centre. A confirmed alarm is when 2 zones have activated in a set time. We can also configure the system to allow the operators to listen in to the site via a built in microphone, this is called audio confirmation. Both these technologies help ensure that you only get the call or pay for the guards call out in the event of a genuine alarm. We can also provide detectors for Temperature, Fire and Flood

The Site-Guard system is available for purchase or rental. For a no obligation demonstration or quotation, call us today 0845 4102 999
You may download our Site Guard Alarm PDF here

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