Taut Wire Fence Alarm system | Perimeter Fence Alarm

Taut Wire Fence Alarm system | Perimeter Fence Alarm

Our taut wire sensor can provide a high level of security taut-wire-alarmagainst climb-over/under or cut-through of many fence types with minimum false alarms. The taut wire system can also be installed at the top of a wall to prevent climb over.

The sensors can span 200 feet with wire supported every 20 feet. Sensors can be positioned at the top of the fence in addition to the bottom and middle to prevent both climb-over and cut-through. The High Security Model comes with a tilt-switch that will cause an alarm if the sensor is moved out of the horizontal position. A wireless model is also available.

The taut wire sensor is installed using a turnbuckleTaut Wire Fence Alarm which is tightened causing a spring loaded eyebolt to extend to a factory set calibration mark on the shaft. This aligns an internal magnetic contact in the closed loop state. Cutting or pulling on the taut wire will move the internal magnet out of position and cause the switch to open and cause an alarm.

Sensitivity can be adjusted by adjusting the turnbuckle Taut Wire Sensoras desired. The taut wire system can be installed as a stand alone system or connected to can be connected to any wired or wireless alarm system, the wire free model has space to install most universal transmitters inside the sensor.