SonoBlaster - Work Area Intrusion Alarm

SonoBlaster® - Work Area Intrusion Alarm

SonoBlaster® is an impact-activated safety device that warns work crews and errant vehicle drivers simultaneously to help prevent crashes and injuries in work zones.SonoBlaster Boxed

The NCHRP 350 accepted SonoBlaster® mounts on typical work zone barricades, cones, drums, delineators, A-frames and other barriers. Upon impact of an errant vehicle, the SonoBlaster's built-in CO2 powered horn blasts at 125 dB to signal workers that their protective zone has been violated, giving them critical reaction time to move out of harms way

Work Zone Use

The SonoBlaster® unit is cocked using a simple key chain tool. The unit is then placed on the roadway while in "safe" mode. The control knobCar and Cone

is then rotated from "safe" to "ready" position. The unit is then "armed" and ready to protect the work zone.

Work zone injuries involving workers harmed by their own equipment (such as back-up accidents) is a growing problem. SonoBlaster® audibly
pinpoints the source of danger by warning workers when heavy equipment enters their "safe" area.

Perimeter Security Ltd are proud to be the UK distributor for this unique safety product. For further information please see the dedicated SonoBlaster website here