Scaffolding Alarm System

Scaffolding Alarm System (Site-Guard Alarm)

A superior product! Our scaffold alarm system, scaffolding alarmunlike most other companies products is completely wireless and does not require mains electricity.

No False Alarms The detectors that we use have two PIR sensors inside a single unit (both PIR's must activate to cause an alarm condition) We can also configure the system to send confirmation signals to our alarm receiving centre. This means that the operators will know if more than one alarm sensor has been activated, you may then choose to only action the guarding company after a confirmation signal. If two detectors, each with two pirs have activated, its NOT a FALSE ALARM!.

The sensors have a detection pattern of 1.2 meters xScaffold Alarm on Oxford High Street 1.4 meters x 24 meters, this is ideal for scaffolding, we don't just mask off a traditional 90 degree detector like other companies do. The sensors are made by Optex Europe. Optex are widely recognised as the world leader in external detection devices.

GSM Communication
Our system doesn't need a telephone line, we use the GSM (mobile phone) network to communicate with our central station.

In the event of an alarm the system triggers a high output external siren with flashing strobe and a signal is passed to our alarm receiving centre where the operators will call your key holders or guarding company. Alternatively the system can communicate directly with your beholders via voice call or text message.

All equipment and detectors come with pole mount brackets allowing them to be fixed directly to the scaffolding. Common practice is to protect the first boarded lift and any ladder access points although we can protect all lifts if required, boarded or un boarded. The system is set / unset from via a remote control unit (key fob) just like your home or car alarm so it is very easy to

We provide large (A1) warning signs with all systems, these will be fixed directly to the outside of the scaffold for a visual deterrent.

For more information please view / download our Site Guard Alarm PDF

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