Construction Site Alarm System

Construction Site Alarm System (Site-Guard Alarm)

The Site-Guard alarm system is a monitored wireless external alarm soundersecurity system ideally suited to buildings and sites where hard-wired systems would be inappropriate, impractical or too costly to install. For internal or external use, the Site Guard Alarm can provide a much more cost-effective solution compared to traditional static guarding or mobile patrols. Our system has been designed to cope with the construction site environment and has a robust build quality, and proven reliability.

Easy To Operate
Setting / un-setting is done via a remote control construction site alarmunit (key fob) or keypad just like your house or car alarm. The external sounder will give you an audible and visual confirmation that the system had been set / un-set

NO Mains Electricity Required
The Site-Guard system does not require a connection to mains electricity like most alarm systems do so it can be deployed literally anywhere and the battery lasts for up to 5 years.

No Telephone Line Requiredsite-guard-alarm-controls
In the event of an activation the system triggers a high output external siren with flashing strobe and a signal is sent over the GSM network to our alarm receiving center, where the operators will call your key holders or guarding company. Alternatively you can have the system contact your key holders directly via voice call or text message.

Increase Security and Reduce Costs
On average our clients save 50-60 % when using our system with 24hr response when compared to a static guard.

No False Alarms
We use twin pir detectors, This means that each scaffold sensordetector has two pir sensors inside a single unit. Both pir sensors must trigger to cause an alarm condition.
Our system can also be configured to send confirmation signals to our alarm receiving center, you may then choose to only action the guarding company in the event of a confirmed alarm. If two detectors, each with two sensors inside have triggered at the same time ITS NOT A FALSE ALARM!

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