Church Roof Alarm | Lead Theft Protection

Church Roof Alarm | Lead and Copper Theft Protection

The theft of lead from church roofs is one ofChurch Roof Alarm the most rapidly growing crimes to afflict the UK. The soaring price of raw materials has made copper and lead theft a very lucrative business, and the cost of replacing the stolen lead and repairing the damage done to the church roof can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds.

To solve this problem we have put together a system that uses the same Site-Guard technology that we have been using successfully on construction sites for years and added a few little extras to make the operation of the system really easy. Lead theft alarm

As with the rest of the Site-Guard range, the system is wireless with a battery life of up to 4 years. We use Twin external PIRs made by Optex. These are widely regarded as the most reliable external PIRs in the world today. Signalling is via the mobile phone network so no telephone line is required. The system can be configured to be silent or trigger a high output sounder/strobe.

To make it easy for workmen to access the roof we have devised a way of temporarily shunting Lead Theft Site Protectedthe system for a pre defined period after which the system will become fully active again. This prevents the system being left unset due to anyone forgetting to set it after the workmen have been and gone. The system will effectively be active all the time.

In the event of an alarm activation, signals are passed over the GSM / GPRS network to our alarm receiving centre where the operator will contact the key holders and our response team. In this type of situation response time is everything so we use the closest guarding company to the site from our network of 211 partner companies.

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