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BS 8418 CCTV Hire with Remote Monitoring and 24hr response CCTV Hire Unit

Looking for construction site CCTV Hire? Introducing the Lewis trailer. A true BS 8418 compliant portable CCTV system. The Lewis trailer is equipped with 4 fully functional PTZ dome cameras which are controlled automatically by infra-red movement sensors or by our alarm receiving centre. Once on site the 4 towers are erected. The trailer its self forms the base of one tower and the other three are securely anchored to the ground individually, usually one on each corner of the site. The lewis trailer does need mains electricity, at least while the site is open. Battery packs can power the unit overnight until its reconnected (maximum 4 days)

In its standard configuration this system can cover Construction Site CCTV camera being erectedsites of up to 120 meters square giving 360 degree coverage from all 4 PTZ cameras in complete darkness. Larger sites and greater coverage can also be catered for.

A typical 4 camera CCTV system can be installed on a building site in just 2 days all though the system can be operational without all the towers being deployed so cover can start from day one. As well as providing general coverage, we would normally install the motion detectors to cover the main entrance points, the site office and the storage area. CCTV Trailer

All-In-Solution | No hidden charges
We provide this system on an all in hire basis. We install, maintain, monitor and respond, there are no hidden charges. When your project comes to an end simply call us to off hire and arrange a date for our engineers to attend and remove the system. Whilst on hire we carry out maintenance checks every week off site and every six weeks on site.

24hr Monitoring
The lewis trailer is in constant communication with our alarm receiving centre and will notify us of any faults immediately. In the event 24hr CCTV Monitoringof an alarm activation, video is streamed live to our alarm receiving centre where operators can take control of the cameras to follow the intruders around the site. The operator will make an audio challenge via the integrated tannoy system informing the intruders that they have been recorded on CCTV and that the police / response team are on the way. Images of incidents can be downloaded and burned to CD/DVD for police evidence.

For an alternative solution please see our wireless video confirmed alarms system

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