Alarm Systems for Transport & Utilities Sites

(Site-Guard Alarm)

The Site-Guard alarm system is ideal for protecting and power and telecom utilities monitoring utilities sites such as;
Electricity, Gas, Water and Telecommunications sites and Rail, Road, Air and Sea transport facilities. Our systems, not only protect the site from unauthorised access, we also have detectors that can monitor power (including 3 phase for pumps ect) water level, temperature, vibration, Fire and smoke.

Many Utilities sites are remote and their locations make them difficult to monitor. Until now it has been a costly exercise to install a security system at an open air facility or in a building that has no mains electricity or telephone line. This is where the Site-Guard alarm can help.
transport utilities
The Site-Guard alarm system doesn't need a connection to a mains electricity supply or even a telephone line, the system is battery powered with a battery life of up to 5 years and uses the ever increasing mobile telephone network to communicate to our alarm receiving centre.

Dual and triple layer security
To prevent false alarms, we can install multiple layers of detection. For example we may install an outer ring of detection, usually at the very perimeter of the site. This might be a fence alarm sensor such as a taut wire or vibration sensor, and then an inner ring usually closer to or inside the protected area.
The advantage of this approach is that, the control panel can react differently to each layer, you can also give our alarm receiving centre different instructions to follow with each layer.

An example of dual layer security would be;
Layer 1 - Outer ring fence alarm (taut wire sensor) - the external sounder gives a pre-alert and flashes the strobe, this stops when the intruder retreats. You can choose if the alarm receiving centre is informed of this activation or not.

Layer 2 - Inner ring narrow beam twin optic PIR sensor - This will cause an unconfirmed alarm if the outer ring has not activated and full alarm if it has. A full alarm will also be generated if two or more zones from the inner layer activate in a set time period. The alarm receiving centre will be informed of this activation.

Action - You now have the choice weather to send a guard or member of staff to site immediately on a single alarm (unconfirmed) or only when a confirmed alarm is received. A confirmed alarm means that two separate sensors have activated) and if this has security warning signhappened... its not a false alarm!
NOTE: The outer ring and inner ring or both may be silent if required.

We provide large A1 WARNING signage with all systems, this is usually fixed to the perimeter fence.